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Click here for Florida's Disaster Legal Assistance Manual

(provided by the Florida Bar Foundation June 2006)

HUD Hurricane Recovery Resources

Date: 02/02/2006

Organization: HUD

Link to Housing and Urban Development online information and resources, including public and subsidized housing, mortgage relief information, KDHAP vouchers, etc.

Recovery Yellow Pages

Intake form for disaster-related problems

Date: 02/02/2006

Organization: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Document

Intake form developed by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services' Disaster Legal Project. Designed for LSC-funded programs, to capture necessary eligibility information. Covers range of disaster-related legal problems.

Welfare Law Center and colleagues file federal class action challenging FEMA's failure to provide accessible trailers to Katrina and Rita victims 02/27/06

The Florida Bar Foundation has provided the following information from Florida's Disaster Legal Assistance Manual (September 2005):

Frequently Asked Questions - Disaster Relief (FEMA) Sample  Flyer - English.pdf

Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre el Programa - Alivio de Desastres (FEMA) Sample  Flyer - Spanish.pdf

Keksyon Yo Mande Anpil - Benefis Pou Katastwof (FEMA) Sample  Flyer - Creole.pdf

Disaster Unemployment  Frequently Asked Questions Sample Flyer - English.PDF

Ayuda en Caso de Desempleo Por un Desastre - Preguntas Frecuentes Sample Flyer - Spanish.PDF

Keksyon Yo Mande Anpil Pou Yo asiste Moun Ki Pap Travay - Apre Yon Katastwof Sample  Flyer - Creole.PDF

Food Stamps Frequently Asked Questions Sample Flyer - English.PDF

Quien es elegible Para Sellos de Comida Despues de un Desastre? Sample Flyer - Spanish.PDF

Keksyon Yo Mande Anpil - Food Stamps Sample Flyer - Creole.PDF

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. has provided the following information:

Who We Are

Quienes Somos





Help Is On The Line - Phone Assistance

DHROnline: Helping disaster victims find housing quickly and easily

FEMA -- Apply for Assistance

Florida's American Red Cross Chapters Shelter Status

Florida Hurricane Relief Fund Shelters

Disaster Assistance Guide for Legal Services Practioners

Florida Hurricane Relief Fund

Together we will rise and rebuild

With Floridians still recovering from the 2004 hurricane season -- and new hurricanes hitting the state in this 2005 season -- insurance, government and relief organizations are not equipped to cover all of the needs of Floridians impacted by these storms. Florida Governor Jeb Bush has established the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund to meet the growing recovery needs of Floridians impacted by these devastating storms.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund is to raise funds to help Floridians with recovery through strengthening families and rebuilding communities.

Goals of the Relief Fund

MAKE RECOVERY DOLLARS STRETCH – by providing needed financial assistance where insurance and government help leaves off

Key recovery assistance will help Floridians and their communities. Funds may be used to help rebuild roofs, repair homes, provide child care assistance, assist nonprofits to rebuild, and much more.


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